ACS introduces Charm Fabric Conditioner

Charm Fabric Conditioner
ACS Manufacturing Corporation has again wowed their loyal customers as they launched another addition to their household essentials product line – Charm Fabric Conditioner.
Charm Fabric Conditioner comes in three variants, All Day Fresh, Berries & Blossoms and Peony Fantasy.
ACS' Charm Fabric Conditioner is now made available nationwide via their authorized online reseller at online shopping site/app Shoppe.
The company also emphasized that 'Charm' is available only in fabric conditioner.
Other products of ACS Manufacturing Company are Pride Detergent in bar and powder detergent, Smart dishwashing liquid, Unique toothpaste, Starwax Floorwax, Shield Bath Soap, and White Rose Kojic Whitening Soap.
ASC Ref # A004P100120CS

Last Modified: 2024-Jul-18 14.50 +0800