Six signs you are not yet ready for a new relationship

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There is nothing wrong with seeking a romantic relationship especially if you are single for a long period. However, wanting to be in a relationship does not mean that you are 100 percent ready for it; there are some factors that you need to consider first.
Being in a relationship requires 100 percent focus, commitment, and time, so if you are still in the phase wherein you want to put more focus on yourself then maybe you are not yet ready. Forcing or putting too much pressure on yourself to be in a relationship can cause negative effects on you and your partner.
To be sure, here are the signs that you are not yet ready for a romantic relationship, according to New Delhi Television and Top10:
1. You have a very busy schedule
Are you having a hard time balancing your work, health, and family? If your answer is yes, then you are not yet ready to be in a romantic relationship. You have to learn how you can handle all of your commitments before you enter another one.
Before you enter a new relationship, you must learn first how you can handle your schedule with your work and family.
2. You are still moving on from your past relationship
Moving on from your ex may take months or years, and occasional dating can somehow help you to speed up the process. Take note that it is applicable for dating only but not being in a relationship when you have not moved on from your past relationship.
3. You are anticipating major changes in your life
If you are expecting major changes in your life such as your career, then being in a relationship should be your last priority. Chances are you can encounter difficulties in maintaining your schedule while you are trying to strive at work.
You can still try to date but you have to inform them that you are not yet ready for a commitment since there are some things that you need to accomplish first.
4. You just left a toxic and unhealthy relationship
Give yourself enough time to move on first especially if you came from a volatile relationship and have encountered a partner who cheats on you.
Be kind to yourself and seek help from a therapist if you think you need one so that he or she can assist you in your healing process and finding yourself.
5. You have trust issues
If you cannot trust anyone right now, most likely you are not yet ready for a relationship. While it is normal to have trust issues due to a toxic relationship you have encountered before, it is not fair for your future partner to be controlled as your way to feel secure.
What you can do is take things slow and build trust with consistent effort and time with someone you are starting to date.
6. You have never been single for a long period
Avoid jumping from relationship to relationship; this can cause unhealthy dependency on your partner. Try to give time for yourself, go out alone, and ask yourself such questions, "What do I love to do, how do I like to be treated?
After leaving a relationship, it is very important to stay single and enjoy life. Go out with yourself, your friends and family.
Remember that there is no right or wrong time in finding love, so don't be pressured. Enjoy your singleness and the right person will arrive at the right time without putting too much effort. (KBAPI)

Last Modified: 2024-Jul-10 23.55 +0800