7 Red Flags in a Relationship

Whether we like it or not, some things in our life have an expiration date. This happens when we think we don't deserve to hold on to someone who keeps on hurting us.
While it is normal for couples to go through some rough patches, there are some red flags or signs that you need to decide if the relationship you have is still worth keeping.
It doesn't matter how long you have been with that person. If your partner is already disrespectful, it's time to let go.
Here are the signs that you need to end your relationship, according to Ashley Broadwater and Marriage.com:
1. You are sad more often than happy
As stated above, it is normal for a relationship to experience fights and misunderstandings; however, if you feel sad, worried, and mad more often than you feel happy and contented, then maybe it is time to consider letting your relationship go.
If your relationship becomes lifeless and sad, it shows you or your partner is no longer willing to work things out.
2. You noticed that you give more than you receive
Relationships should be two-way. You should also receive the same love, affection, care, and attention from your partner.
Once you start to feel unappreciated and unloved, maybe it's time to call out your partner, especially when you start feeling emotionally exhausted. If their answer does not satisfy you, then, time to let go.
3. Complaints have been a normal part of the day
We all want appreciation whether from our work, family, or relationship. But if your partner starts complaining to you more often than appreciated, this could be another sign that you should move on.
4. Your needs are not being met
We all have needs our partner should meet and vice-versa. Couples should discuss this topic to avoid miscommunication.
But if you start feeling unfulfilled by your partner despite communicating your needs and still do not get anything, time to think and decide for yourself.
5. You no longer feel comfortable being yourself
Being honest and true to your feelings is a way to feel comfortable in your relationship. But once feeling your partner might judge you or make you feel bad about yourself, maybe it's time for you to let go.
Your partner should make you feel steady, and they should make you feel understood.
6. Your fighting became a continuous form of communication
Another indication that it is time for you to end a relationship is when you and your partner regularly fight, wherein yelling and arguing are becoming a normal form of communication.
Incompatibility is a reason to let go of the partnership and move on.
7. Your partner is being abusive or violent
This is the last and most important sign you should take note of. Never endure any abuses. Leave the relationship now, and file a complaint.
No one should be abused emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, or any combination of these abuses.
First, find a safe place to stay and report it to the authorities because this behavior has no excuse or justification. Tolerating such behavior is a no-no in any way.
Letting go of a partner is never easy. It can be really painful, but you must also know that to be happy, you must love yourself first.
To do that, you must leave a relationship that drains you or should not stay in an abusive situation.

Last Modified: 2024-Jul-17 06.41 +0800