Is your job a killer?

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"We should work to live, and not live to work". And having a job that you really enjoy can actually make time pass by without you noticing, basically because you like what you are doing.
As Confcius says, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." If you are enjoying what you are doing, there are possibilities that your skills will be developed and you might get promoted.
However, not all of us are in a job that we really enjoy. Oh well, if you are one of those, your job should not burden you, at least. Because at times, even a simple job can transform into a killer.
Does your job still give you enough time to rest and bond with your family? Or do you always feel stress and even depressed? Do you always work overtime? Are you still in good terms with your co-workers? Are you already having a hard time doing assigned tasks?
Maybe, just maybe, your job is already killing you.
You often get sick
Stress, stress, stress. Yes it can make you sick, it can weaken your immune system and it can attract viruses to enter your body. When that happens, most likely you will experience having flu, colds, fever and etc. It can even affect your mental health, it can trigger anxiety which can lead to depression.
You can hardly sleep
Having 6 to 8 hours of sleep is very important to our health. Drinking too much coffee and eating lots of chocolates can make one hyperactive and wide awake up to wee hours. Consuming such foods will also make your brain very active, allowing you to think and think and think, which makes you less likely to catch sleep. If this habit persists, it may develop into insomnia, a condition which will eventually require you to take sleeping pills just to get that decent rest.
You feel anxious toward superiors
If you are having fear towards your boss or you are no longer exchanging good conversations with him or her, most probably you will not excel on your work because you are not at ease to ask questions and help. Try every opportunity to mend relationships with your superiors. Reconnect. Send them text messages even after work, even about things not related to work.
You are getting fat
You work at least 8 hours in a day. And you probably don't move a lot because you are just in front of the computer doing your daily task. You are too busy and you have no time to exercise. Not noticing, you often eat junk, instants and unhealthy stuff at work to compensate for the lack of time, lack of rest and lack of chance to eat a decent meal.
You no longer socialize with workmates
You are part of the company, so, you should get along well with your colleagues, contribute to the betterment of your department, and do your share in the efforts to reach your common goal. However, workplaces are not free from people who would love to see your downfall rather than your success. Crab mentality is present everywhere. It is just up to you if you will let that ruining force let you down.
Your compensation is your only reason for staying
You are supposed to be happy with your work, not a slave of your job. If you already feeling enslaved, this means that you are not enjoying anymore. If your only goal for staying in your company is because you need to keep this source of money to be able to pay all your debts and expenses, you are already living-to-work, and not actually working-to-live.
You no longer feel excited
You can no longer remember the last time you felt happy and excited towards anything. You always think about your work, nothing else. It becomes your most, if not your lone priority. Even holidays are not rest-days for you because you still need to run after deadlines. One indication of losing excitement and drive is that you are already losing track of the days, and special events.
We may sometimes feel and experience any one of these conditions but having all of these present in your current working stature is already a caution for you to rethink your purpose for working, recalibrate your attitude towards work and regain your excitement towards experiencing new things everyday.
And should you opt to look for a new job, look for one that you will surely enjoy.
However, deadlines, pressures, politics and stress are present in whatever field of work. The key is, whatever job you have right now, be it the one you really love doing or not, never let positivity leave your spirit.

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