2 construction workers detained for digging hole in Great Wall of China

PHOTO: Pixabay
Two construction workers were arrested after using an excavator to create a shortcut through the Great Wall of China in Shanxi province.
According to a China Daily report, the Shanxi Cultural Relics Bureau informed the public on Monday that the two culprits were a man and woman surnamed Zeng, 38 years old, and Wang, 55 years old, respectively.
Authorities said the two suspects used an excavator to create a hole in the section of the No 32 Great Wall in Youyu County on August 24 at around 4:20 p.m.
The police in Youyu followed the tracks from the wrecked area and eventually discovered the excavator and the suspects. The two admitted they dug a hole to create a shortcut through the Great Wall to reduce the time and distance needed for their construction.
Zeng and Wang have been charged for wrecking an ancient wall where a section has been "damaged beyond repair."
Meanwhile, the iconic Great Wall of China was named one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1987.

Last Modified: 2023-Sep-18 14.54 +0800