Inmate in Russia escapes prison on the day of his release

PHOTO: Unsplash
An inmate in Russia who served 22 years of sentence recently escaped the IK-19 penal colony on the day he was supposed to be released.
Federal Penitentiary Service's regional department said Kamoljon Kalonov, 49 years old, disappeared from the colony located in the village of Markova near Irkutsk.
Imprisoned due to double murder, theft, and organizing a criminal community, Kalonov was still on the loose, the authorities said.
Federal Penitentiary Service said that inmates detained in their colony have less strict rules, which means convicts are allowed to move freely around the area. Inmates who escaped their facility will not be given another sentence upon return within three days, they added.
But if an inmate does not return in the given timeframe, they will risk up to four years of imprisonment.
Kalonov's reason for escaping is still unknown. (KBAPI)

Last Modified: 2023-Nov-06 18.53 +0800