Palace okays new action plan for population, dev't

MANILA – MalacaƱang has approved and adopted a new action plan that will serve as the overall blueprint for inter-agency collaboration to optimize demographic opportunities and address remaining population challenges.
Based on Memorandum Circular (MC) 40, inked by Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin on Nov. 14 and made available on Friday, the adoption of the Philippine Population and Development Plan of Action (PPD-POA) 2023-2028 would help accelerate the attainment of the administration's socioeconomic development agenda under the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2023-2028.
"It is imperative for all concerned national government agencies and instrumentalities, and local government units (LGUs) to support and cooperate towards the successful implementation of the PPD-POA 2023-2028," the memorandum read.
"In accordance with their respective mandates, all concerned agencies and instrumentalities of the National Government, including government-owned or -controlled corporations are hereby directed, and all LGUs are hereby encouraged, to undertake efforts in support of the implementation of the PPD-POA 2023-2028, and the plans and programs specified therein."
The PPD-POA 2023-2028 was crafted by the Commission on Population and Development (CPD), formerly known as the Commission on Population.
Under MC 40, the CPD will serve as the lead agency in charge of formulating and adopting comprehensive long-term plans and programs on population.
The CPD is tasked to coordinate, collaborate, and establish institutional partnerships with concerned government agencies and other stakeholders to ensure the attainment of the goals and objectives of the PPD-POA 2023-2028 through a whole-of-government approach.
It is also mandated to monitor and assess the implementation of the action plan at all levels and submit annual reports to the Office of the President, through the Office of the Executive Secretary, on the progress and emerging concerns in its implementation.
MC 40 also directs the CPD to undertake comprehensive population and development research, establish, or analyze population databases, and enable institutions at the national, regional, and local levels to optimize and address the impact of population dynamics in their sectoral and local development agenda or strategies.
The CPD is also designated to build public and institutional awareness of the impact of population dynamics on socioeconomic development.
MC 40 takes effect immediately upon publication in the Official Gazette. (PNA)

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