The pros and cons of office romance

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Are you attracted to your coworker? A survey posted on Forbes showed that office romance is very common. The survey produced by reiterates that 58% of employees have engaged in a romantic relationship with a colleague. A surprising 72% of those over 50 years old have been romantically involved with a coworker.
That is why it is very understandable that feelings or attraction can develop anywhere and if you are still thinking about whether you are going to pursue a romantic relationship or not, these pros and cons of dating a coworker, according to Growingself and Regain might help you:

Four pros of dating a coworker

1. You will start as friends
It is already known to everyone that the solid foundation for couples is friendship and respect. If you are trying to pursue a romantic relationship whether it is from your work or outside, being friends with them is the best foundation you can have to make it last.
Also, it is better to know someone first before being in a relationship and it is not hard to do since you are in the same workplace.
2. You will know if you have the same interests
Take it as an opportunity to know if you are attracted to a coworker on both physical and emotional aspects. You can spend time talking and learning about each other during your break. Also, it can lessen the chance of being bored when they vent out their issues at work since you have first-hand knowledge of it.
3. You will get to know his or her character
You get to know his or her work behavior such as; how they handle stress, how they express their selves, their level of emotional intelligence, how they handle challenging circumstances, how they manage their time, and many more.
This has an edge compared to the typical dating type wherein people always try to put their best foot forward and they sometimes hide their negative attitude to be as attractive as possible.
4. You have already spent more time together
Since you are in the same workplace, you can spend a lot of time together when it is your lunch break. But also make sure that you create a healthy balance of time together and being with your other close coworkers.

Four cons of dating a coworker

1. You will experience boredom
There is a possibility that you will be too familiar with your coworker and over time you will notice that those things you used to find appealing no longer interest you.
This happens because the newness of the situation may have caused the excitement at first.
2. Jealousy can be an issue
The challenge of dating a coworker can cause jealousy issues since you might see or assume other coworkers are being too friendly with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Sometimes this issue can affect your workplace relationship inside and outside work.
When you experience jealousy at work it can cause interference with your productivity and peace in the workplace.
3. Quarrel can make working together a lot more difficult
Couples fight sometimes and it is normal. When you feel stressed and feeling emotionally activated, it can be very difficult to work with your partner and keep things professional.
You and your partner will most likely make frosty silences and create snarky comments while you are in a team meeting or around other colleagues.
This can affect your ability to perform well, impact your morale, and communicate with your other workmates.
4. Breaking up with a coworker can be a nightmare
We all know that breakups can cause anxiety and sadness and seeing you EX every day at work can make the suffering and pain much worse.
Also, it can make your recovery and moving on tougher because it is hard to distance yourself from your Ex since you has the same workplace. Most people feel that they are forced to leave their job to move on from their Ex and it has consequences on their professional trajectory.
Try to carefully weigh the pros and cons to help you analyze the reality of the situation instead of just thinking about the happiness it could bring. If you are someone who wants a personal space from your partner, then dating a coworker may not be for you. (KBAPI)

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