What are you craving for?

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Food cravings usually has a life of its own, its uncontrollable. When these cravings are out of control, its because you tend to seek something -energy, happiness or a feeling of being relaxed.
And did you know that every craving does not only correspond to a certain mood, it represents a distinct personality?
Whether it is due to a your body's deficiency on nutritional elements, manifestation of temper instability, or hormonal imbalance, oral cravings give us a hint on what kind of mood we are presently in.
Cravings for chocolates
Craving for chocolates come from a need to boost your morale. Aside from the rush it gives because of the high sugar content, you reach out for chocolates because your body actually needs a pump of Serotonin, a type of hormone responsible for regulating a person's mood, appetite and sleep. Increasing the level of Serotonin in the body creates a natural 'anti-depressant'.
Moreover, according to studies, people who often crave for dark chocolate are the life of the party, social butterflies and right-in-the-mix of the team project at work.
On the other hand, people who crave for the lighter milk chocolate, are the quiet and introspective type of persons. Their idea of a perfect afternoon is usually a solo walk in the park or a quality time reading a good book.
Cravings for sweets
It's a lot like a chocolate craving, but this kind is not very particular. You may either think of having anything from ice cream or candies to cakes and pastries. If a boost of sugar gets you going, then chances are you're looking for an energy release. More than any other type of food, the body absorbs refined sugars of the candy faster, giving us immediate fuel.
Sugarholics, also known as people with a "sweet tooth" tend to "walk toward the wild side" and be hedonistic living a carefree lifestyle not fearing future regrets. They want to feel special and has that certain urge to stand out.
Cravings for salty food
Cravings for salty foods like potato chips simply indicate a lack of minerals like potassium, calcium and iron. This can also be a signal that your body needs to retain more water and so it needs salt. Sometimes, consuming too much bland or too much sweet foods can also increase the body's natural urge of looking for something different and opposite, in that case, salty.
People who crave for salty foods are mostly the type that "go with the flow," believing that forces around them determine their fate. And so they do not care too much in planning out things and treating every situation with full control.
Cravings for spicy food
If you love spicy foods, your body might be needing extra heat. The need to perspire also prompts your taste buds to look for something that can stimulate sweating.
People who consume Mexican or Thai dishes, which are generally spicy, have problems "cooling down."
These people are of the perfectionist type, giving most attention to details, loving order and hating waste of time.
Cravings for salty-sweet foods
Having the need to eat a combination of sweet and salty food can indicate a sluggish feeling. Your body might be needing to balance the glucose and sodium level in your body.
Although these people are the type who want to be alone most of the time, they are the artistic and creative ones. Some might assume them to be antisocial and distant. But in fact, they are just private and reserved.
How about you? What type of food do you usually crave for? Does your personality and food preference match one of the descriptions above? If it did, won't you want to use this test to that cutie next door?

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