Japan Airlines cancels flight after pilot gets drunk

Photo: Japan Airlines Facebook account
An airline recently canceled a flight from Dallas to Tokyo after its 49-year-old captain got drunk and behaved disruptive at his hotel in the U.S.
Japan Airlines decided to cancel a flight going to Haneda airport in Tokyo because of the captain's physical and mental condition that needs to be observed.
According to the airline, when the captain arrived in Dallas with his crew members, they ate and drank at a restaurant and continued drinking at their hotel.
A hotel employee asked them to be quiet, but the hotel didn't like the captain's speech, so they called the police. The police questioned and warned the captain not to disturb the hotel.
Meanwhile, Japan Airlines could not find a replacement for the drunken captain, so they had to help all 157 passengers to transfer to other flights. (John Edmar David)

Last Modified: 2024-Jun-17 08.38 +0800