10 amazing uses of toothpaste

Image source: pixabay.com
So you think the ever-present-in-our-household toothpaste is only for our teeth? Think again.
Our toothpaste is also for:
1. It can be used for cleaning your fingernails.
Photo Source: livestrong.com

Our teeth and nails are protected by enamel, so it means that toothpaste could also be used for our fingernails. Just brush the top of your fingernails with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
2. Remove stains
Photo Source: samples4free.co.uk

It can be used as a stain remover for our t-shirts and shirt collars. Also, it can whiten the soles of your rubber shoes and sneakers. Just rub the toothpaste directly on the stained part and wash it with water.
3. Silver polisher
Photo Source: lifeonthevside.blogspot.com

No need to buy expensive polishers, because you can use toothpaste for shining your silver wares like forks and spoons, candlestick holders, and flower vases. Make sure to use a soft cloth when cleaning
4. It can remove scratches on DVDs and CDs.
Photo Source: instructables.com

Just apply a small coating of toothpaste on the DVD or CD and smoothly rub it, then rinse it off completely.
5. Remove crayon marks on the walls.
Photo Source: care2.com

Place a small amount of toothpaste on a wet rag then rub on the marks until they are gone.
6. Clean your piano keys
Photo Source: care2.com

Apply a small amount of toothpaste on a piece of cloth to remove dust and clean each keys of the piano.
7. Revive headlamps
Photo Source: youtube.com

For brighter headlamps, wash the cover with soap and water then use toothpaste and a soft cloth over them.
8. De-fog goggles
Photo Source: livestrong.com

Apply a small amount of toothpaste into the lenses of the goggles then thoroughly wash it off.
9. Instant screen protector
Photo Source: enzaessentials.wordpress.com

Slightly wipe the screen with toothpaste using a small cotton cloth.
10. Scrub the bathroom sinks
Photo Source: de-lune.com

For shinier sink, you can use the toothpaste as an alternative way of cleaning it.

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