5 benefits of being an only child

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In 2014, statistics have shown that 23% of American families have only one child. In the 1950s, Americans used to have 3.7 children per family on average, while at present, American families only have an average of 1.9 children.
In relation to this, UK's records currently show that 47% of families have a single child and the percentage is expected to increase by 3% within the next decade.
Provided with the statistics, the prevalence of families with only one child is becoming more evident. We tend to hear some positive and negative perspectives from people when it comes to being in a small family or having no siblings at all.
These are the dvantages or benefits of being an only child:
1. Increased Sense of Independence
It is clearly obvious that being a single child means living without an older sibling to depend on in times of personal troubles that shouldn't primarily involve parents. Aside from this, some common activities such as doing chores are needed to be done by the child without any help from anybody, not to mention that he or she doesn't have any choice at all. For these reasons, the child is forced to be totally independent and in this case, considered as an obvious advantage.
2. Increased Sense of Self-esteem
Being an only child means your parents' attention is completely focused on you. They value you so much that you feel like you ought to not care about what negative things other people say about you. This leads to one's increased sense of self-esteem.
3. No Rivalry
Sibling rivalry is one of the most cliché issues in one's family. We need not elaborate it further. Being an only child completely dismisses this stereotype and all the tension that comes along with it.
4. Developed Social Skills
Most people subjectively claim that an only child misses the chance of widening his social company, but it is exactly the opposite. An only child actually gets better chances of exploring and developing his or her social skills since psychologically, he or she aims to fulfill his or her emptiness of not having siblings to talk to and share the locker with.
5. Improved Sense of Creativity
In accordance to what has been recently mentioned, not only a child with no siblings has a more developed social skills, but when alone, he or she has a wider sense of imagination and is therefore more creative compared to other children. He or she tends to have more time for himself/herself. In effect, he or she becomes more interested in developing his or her innate talents and is further encouraged by the fervent appreciation and support of his parent.
Being the only child will not define your personality, but this can help you to become a more friendly person. (RMS)

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