Online dating leads to stronger relationships, study says

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Relationships that are formed through online dating are more likely to become successful than those who meet through traditional ways, a study suggested.
According to researchers Philipp Hergovich, from the University of Vienna, and JosuĀ“e Ortega, from the Center for European Economic Research, in the past 20 years the way people meet their romantic partners has changed drastically, and this is due to the internet.
"Online dating has changed the way people meet their partners not only in America but in many places around the world," their study read.
The authors showed that online romance has skyrocketed beginning year 2000 till the present while office, college, restaurant romance or those who met through friends and family have significantly dropped.
With more and more people using the online platforms to find their significant other, the stigma of finding true love online is also being broken down.
The study also revealed that interracial relationships have increased in the past year's thanks to the advent of online dating sites and applications.
With the use of the internet, people do not only base on mere physical appearances but instead on mutual interest through the use of their profile bio.
Love also went global as the internet connecting people from way over the west coast of California, USA, to the pyramids of Egypt and to the pearl of the orient of the Philippines.
Studying 19,000 married couples who met online, psychologist John Cacioppo from the University of Chicago disclosed that these relationships are not only more satisfied but are also less likely to get a divorce in contrast to partners who met traditionally.
Cacioppo added that online romances are more likely to divulge personal information and experiences given that it is not time-constrained.
With more and more people joining online dating platforms, love truly knows no boundaries. (FDE)

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