Taiwan makes giant face mask, earns world record

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Image from: Guinness World Record
A medical supply company in Taiwan earned a Guinness World Record after creating the world's largest face mask (surgical mask) measuring 27 feet and 3 inches by 15 feet and 9 inches.
A giant version of a diamond-shaped face mask was created by the Motex Healthcare Corporation. The supersized facemask can be found at the Motex Mask Creative House, an educational tourist attraction managed by the said company in Changhua, Taiwan.
The mask, which is 50 times bigger than the usual face mask, earned a Guinness World Record confirmed by an adjudicator via video chat.
This record attempt was based on the specifications of Motex's most popular 3D diamond-shaped mask, made with four layers of non-woven fabric, said the Guinness World Record.
Meanwhile, the officials from Motex Healthcare Corporation said that their attempt aims to create awareness of the importance of wearing face masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last Modified: 2022-Apr-29 17.49.52 UTC+0800