Smart chopsticks that can enhance the taste of food invented in Japan

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Image from: Kirin Holdings Co.
Researchers in Japan recently developed smart chopsticks that can enhance the taste of food which can possibly help people who need to lessen their sodium intake.
The computerized chopsticks that use electrical stimulation waveform to move sodium ions in the food which enhance the taste of the food are co-developed by Meiji University professor Homei Miyashita and beverage maker Kirin Holdings Co.
"There is a computer inside this. That computer uses electricity to float and suck the sodium ions in the food that you are eating. As a result, we are able to enhance the salty taste by up to one and a half times," said Homei Miyashita.
"As a result, the salty taste enhances 1.5 times," he said.
According to Miyashita, the said chopsticks have been tried by individuals who are advised to lessen their sodium intake and according to them, the device improves the salty taste by up to 1.5 times.
"To prevent severe lifestyle-related diseases or to prevent these diseases itself, we need to reduce the amount of salt we take regularly. But Japanese people tend to ingest a large amount of salt in their diet. If we try to avoid taking less salt in a conventional way, we would need to endure cutting out our favorite food from our diet, or endure eating bland food," said Kirin Holdings researcher, Ai Sato.
Currently, Kirin and Miyashita are still doing more refining and improvements on their chopsticks prototype and they are hoping to sell it in the market as early as next year. (KBAPI)

Last Modified: 2022-May-13 16.56.12 UTC+0800