British nonprofit group aims to gather 1,897 people dressed as vampires

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Image from: English Heritage
A British nonprofit organization named English Heritage recently announced that they are attempting to gather 1,897 people dressed as a vampire in celebration of Dracula's anniversary.
According to English Heritage, their group will try to break the Guinness World Record for the biggest gathering of people to don vampire costumes on May 26 at Whitby Abbey which is a 13th-century Gothic convent.
English Heritage said that they want to surpass the current record set in Virginia in 2011 wherein at least 1,040 people who wore vampire costumes gathered in the said event.
"The record attempt was part of the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company and Guinness World Records Summer 2011 partnership, and was integrated into the amusement park's sixth annual 'Halloween Haunt' opening night media event," said Guinness.
Meanwhile, Mark Williamson, site manager for the Abbey said that "everyone has their own vampire and people come every year to Whitby and the abbey in their thousands."
"It feels like a spiritual home to Dracula," he added.
Guinness World Records said that the participants in the upcoming event are required to complete vampire costumes such as black pants or skirts, black shoes, waistcoats, black capes or collared overcoats and a set of artificial fangs. (KBAPI)

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