Five reasons why it is important to feel valued and appreciated

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Everyone wants to be seen and appreciated. The feeling of being noticed, loved, and cherished is the best feeling that we all need.
Receiving positive feedback from people has a good impact on how we see ourselves. When we get an affirmative response, it helps increase our self-worth.
Take note that aside from being appreciated by the people around us, we also should know how to love and value ourselves first. Avoid seeking approval from anyone, always remember to prioritize self-love while also accepting appreciation from the people that matter to you.
Here are the following reasons why being appreciated is good for us, according to Psychology Today:
1. It feels good to be seen
It feels good to be seen right? If a friend or a family member sees your best wisdom or compassion, it uplifts your spirit and morale.
We feel good to be seen and appreciated as we share our sorrow, fear, joy, and other feelings.
2. It feels good to be valued
When we are still a child, we need to feel valued so that we can gradually internalize self-valuing. Then we develop our sense of self from how they also see us.
Now that we are adults, we also look forward to receiving positive feedback from the people we loved. Being valued and appreciated can bring a positive sense of self-worth.
3. It feels good to be liked
There's something about liking and being liked that warms our hearts and brings a smile to our faces. We probably like a person when we appreciate their kindness, caring, and friendly attitude.
Before you love someone, you must learn first how to like them. Love doesn't come in an instant because we all need to know someone before we start to like them, that is why being liked or liking someone is very important.
4. It develops a sense of meaning in our lives
We all have a purpose in our lives. It feels good to hear that you have affected someone in a positive way.
Psychotherapy called "logotherapy" was developed by Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, Victor Frankl suggests that human beings are motivated by a "will to meaning." We flourish when we live with a sense of meaning and purpose.
5. It connects us
Human beings long for connection. Feeling appreciated strengthens the bond between people. This helps in developing healthy attachment.
In order to create a connection bring others what they desire. This happens when you extend generosity by appreciating other people and giving them true and positive compliments. Positive psychology encourages us to focus on the positive things in life, though without denying its painful side.
You must also learn how to be grateful for yourself and what other people are doing for you. Always remind the people around you that they are important because one small act could mean everything to them. (KBAPI)

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