Listen: Anees' 'Sun and Moon' enjoys 7-week stay on top of Billboard Philippines Songs

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Photo screen captured from: anees | YouTube
Love is truly in the air, specifically in the Philippines as the song "Sun and Moon" by singer Anees enjoyed a seven-week stay at the top of Billboard Philippines Songs.
The soulful indie singer-rapper is best known for his heart warming and mood bosting melody. The American talent has also shared his genre-less stance, saying that he gets inspiration from R&B, pop, hip-hop, and other fields.
"Sun and Moon" sings of a poetic tune expressing one's loyalty, adoration, and commitment towards a person's "dream girl".
In an interview with Genius the singer revealed that he couldn't quite remember writing the lyrics song but did note that a "higher power" could have been at play.
"I cannot remember writing this song. I know the exact day, I know exactly where I was, in my car like I always am. I know the energy I have. I was manifesting like crazy," said Anees.
"But that's when the best songs are made, when you don't remember constructing the lyrics that's when you know like a higher power was at play. And I'm a spiritual person, I genuinely believe that I was just a vessel," he added.
The song became such a trend that "Dati" singer JRoa decided to do a cover which ultimately led to a remix of the song.
"IT'S CRAZY HOW MUSIC MAKES US ONE! Honored and blessed to be part of this remix," Roa wrote on YouTube. (FDE)

Last Modified: 2022-Jun-08 17.38.09 UTC+0800