Nurse dies after falling from a zip line in Kalinga

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A nurse was reported to have died last Sunday, June 12, after he fell from a zip line, police reported yesterday.
The nurse was identified as Paul Herbert Pallaya Gaayon, 31-years-old and a resident of Purok 5, Bulanao Centro, Tabuk City, Kalinga.
According to authorities, Pallaya lost his grip on the zip line before he launch himself causing him to fall on the pool's concrete pavement.
Pallaya was rushed to the Kalinga Provincial Hospital, but was unfortunately declared dead on arrival.
The owner of the park has told the police that their staff had briefed the victim of the safety measure. The owner also explained that Pallaya fell onto a safety net, but it reportedly tore due to the weight of the victim.
Investigation on the incident is still ongoing.

Last Modified: 2022-Jun-15 12.11.41 UTC+0800