Moving on made easy with Camilla Cabello's track 'Bam Bam'

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Image from: Camilla Cabello | YouTube
Camilla Cabello is no stranger when it comes to dancing with the pain; in her beautifully written breakup anthem "Bam Bam" the singer hums about the 'good' in goodbye.
In an interview posted by Apple Music, the Latina singer expressed her desire to transition her writing style from broad loud feelings to something more detailed and relatable. This is easily seen, especially with the intro of the song which goes, "you said you hated the ocean, but you're surfin' now. I said I'd love you for life, but I just sold our house."
Cabello's ex, Shawn Mendes, previously told Jim Fallon that his "biggest fear is deep water," however following their spilt the Canadian singer posted images of himself surfing, which fans presume is where the line took its roots.
Cabello added, that the track's chorus, "así e' la vida", was inspired by her mother who always comforted with the same maxim, which in English it translates to "that's how life is".
The song also features British hit singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.
We've all thought that once upon a time the person we are with today will be the same person we will be holding hand with forever, but life has a funny way of teaching us that the person we should hold on to the tightest is ourselves.
Cabello and Mendes ended their two-year relationship last November 2021. The two released a joint statement on social media with reports claiming that Mendes allegedly initiated the spilt.
Just a week after their breakup Mendes told his side of the story through his song "It'll Be Play."

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