Are you having a hard time finding your things at home? Follow these organizing tips

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Some of us may be guilty of keeping unnecessary things inside our house which can cause a cluttered home. It may be harmless but some people find it stressful to see junk lying around the house.
Whether you notice it or not, decluttering or organizing your home helps you to clean less, be systematized, and spend less.
"Organizing and decluttering relieves stress for many people by providing a sense of control and accomplishment. 61.7% of survey respondents said decluttering reduced their overall stress level," according to Budget Dumpster.
If you are clueless about where to start when decluttering, you may follow these tips given by becomingminimalist:
1. Clear off all flat surfaces
Make sure that your tabletops, countertops, and side-table are clear from unnecessary things. Only place the essential items on your table.
2. Dedicate a specific schedule per day or week
If you are having a hard time spending a whole day decluttering and general cleaning, then it is recommended for you to create a schedule for it. You may declutter five minutes a day or maybe one hour per week.
Work on one room in the house each week. If you have children, focus on multi-purposed storage solutions.
3. Give one item away each day
It means you will remove 365 items yearly from your house. Once you start this habit, you may increase the number so that you will eradicate unnecessary things from your home. Imagine, you have already decluttered your house being able to give or help someone.
4. Create and follow a decluttering checklist
It is much easier to follow a task when you have a list of things that you need to do. Create a list of your top five or so clutter-collecting areas so that you know where you should get started and you do it weekly or daily.
5. Donate clothes that you never wear
Organize your clothes by segregating the clothes that you will wear from those you have touched for a few months. You may also try to check if you have shoes and bags that you no longer use. Then, you may donate or give it to someone you know who will appreciate and use it.
6. Ask help from a friend
If you want to know if there are still items that needed to be thrown away, it is recommended for you to have a family member or a friend that will go through your home. He or she may suggest what things must go and if you defend a specific item, your friend has to agree with your reason. If they don't agree, it's time to get rid of it.
This is helpful so that you will have someone who can share their impression of your home and you can make changes.
Once you practice the habit of decluttering you will feel less stress because you no longer have a hard time looking for your things at home.
It can also lessen your debt since you are spending less time shopping for material possessions and adding to the clutter means your wallet and bank accounts remain fuller. (KBAPI)

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