Squirrel causes power outage in U.S., affecting more than 3,000 customers

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Image from: Pixabay
A squirrel caused a power outage in a city in the U.S. which affected more than 3,000 customers, according to a North Carolina utility company.
According to Duke Energy, over 3,000 customers lost power Wednesday morning in downtown Asheville after a squirrel came in contact with some wiring.
Duke Energy said that the power was returned at 8:30 in the morning, Wednesday. The said power outage caused a delay in the opening of the county's office in the downtown area.
"Little animals can cause big problems," Angeline Protogere, a spokesperson with Duke Energy, told IndyStar.
Meanwhile, this is not the first time that a squirrel was blamed for a power outage because earlier in June a squirrel also came in contact with substation equipment that caused a power outage for about 30 minutes, according to Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative. (KBAPI)

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