Rare white catfish caught by a teenager in Tennessee, U.S.

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Image from: Richard Simms | Scenic City Fishing Charters
A rare white catfish was caught by a teenage boy in Tennessee River, U.S.
15-year-old Edwards Tarumianz was participating in Scenic City Fishing Charters captained by Richard Simms when he caught uncommon fish named Ictalurus furcatus – commonly known as the blue catfish.
Usually, these species are "often olive-brown to slate in color and even with shades of blue and grey at times on the sides. The underside or bellies of the fish are white or silvery-white," according to CatFishedge.
However, Edwards caught a catfish mostly white and has some light pink color on its fins.
Simms said to Newsweek that the fish was very rare and "most anglers fish their entire lives and never see one. I am 67 years old, have boated literally tens of thousands of catfish over the years and it was the first I'd ever seen in person," he said.
The fish may have a condition called Leucism which can affect several animals and this can cause overall pale color in their skin.
Also, there is a possibility that the catfish has albinism which is "all due to a variant in one of several genes involved in the production of melanin," according to McGill University.
Meanwhile, Simms said that the rare white catfish was released back into the water after Edwards caught and take a picture of it. (KBAPI)

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