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Nursing home in Japan 'hires' babies to get along with their residents

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In order to bring smiles to the elderly, a nursing home in Japan aims to "hire" babies in exchange for free diapers and powdered milk.
Only children below 4 years old are allowed to be recruited at the facility in Kitakyushu and their parents are required to sign a contract that states their babies and children can "go to work whenever they feel like it".
Children who are under the said program are allowed to take a break when they are hungry or sleepy, according to the contract.
The director of the nursing home, Kimie Gondo said that as of now, there are more than 30 babies have signed up for the program and they are expected to accompany more than 100 elderly people and most of them are in their 80s.
Gondo said that the elderlies are very happy and excited whenever they see babies.
"Babies stay with their mothers all the time. It's like taking them for a walk in the park", Gondo added.
Meanwhile, Gondo said that their program has so far shown good results and brought a good relationship with kids and their residents. (KBAPI)

Last Modified: 2022-Sep-16 16.53.50 UTC+0800