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Taguig City gov't to continue cleanup drive

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MANILA – The local government of Taguig City on Monday announced it will continue the cleanup drive that it launched last Sept. 17.
"Hindi lang ito isang araw na cleanup. Tutukuyin ng task force ang mga lugar na lilinisin araw-araw (This is not just a one-day cleanup activity. The task force will identify areas to be cleaned everyday)" Mayor Lani Cayetano said in a statement.
Hundreds from 28 barangays have joined the initiative that seeks to prevent possible dengue outbreaks and solve flooding which is usually caused by garbage that gets stuck in the waterways.
The Task Force on Flood Control Management was tasked to make the cleanup drive part of the city's long-term plan against flooding.
Formulation of a drainage plan, rehabilitation of the drainage system, and separation of rainwater and sewerage systems are also in the pipeline for this initiative.
The Taguig government said this project will include proper waste segregation and disposal by restaurants, business establishments like batching plants, and households.
"The City Planning and Development Office will include an additional condition of having grease traps, interceptors, oil separators, or holding tanks for wastes which can be harmful to the drainage system or to the public sewer system," it added.
Cayetano said stakeholders will be enjoined to be part of the cleanup drive in their communities.
Aside from residents, other stakeholders who participated the activity last Saturday were the Philippine National Police (PNP), PNP-Maritime Group, Manila Water, Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), organizations such as the Progressive Ladies League (PLL), Tapat na Kasama (TNK), Homeowners Associations (HOA), and barangay officials and staff.
The cleanup drive also served as the city's compliance to the Supreme Court's directive to clean Manila Bay and the waterways leading to it. (PNA)

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