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Calling all queens; Miss Universe allows mothers, married women, divorcees to participate

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Mothers have always been queens, so it just makes perfect sense for them to be included in the prestigious Miss Universe pageant.
Previously, the most awaited international beauty pageant only allowed women aged 18 to 28 years old who are unmarried and with no children to participate. Winners are also encouraged to remain single and avoid pregnancy during their Miss Universe reign.
But just recently, Miss Universe Organization President Paula Shugart announced that they will be allowing married women, women with children, and divorcees to compete on the 72nd Miss Universe to be held this 2023.
In an interview with ANC, Paula explained "we did not want to be in the position where we felt we were precluding someone from competing if they felt they could handle the job. So if you know what the job description is, which we are going to make sure that everyone is aware, they need to be able to handle that job as Miss Universe whether they have a family or not."
Reports of changing pageant rules first emerged last August 2022 when Miss Universe Organization CEO Amy Emmerich said that they continue to 'evolve with time to best represent and support women globally'.(FDE)

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