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Six reasons why you should always read books to your children

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Aside from having a bond between you and your child, a bedtime story has lots of health benefits for the development of your child.
Several studies show that reading books to children especially toddlers and pre-schoolers has a better vocabulary than those who aren't read to at all.
"There's something very special about a bedtime story being read out loud. A bedtime story doesn't require children to focus on the mechanics of learning to read, but on the enjoyment of the story and the idea of being transported to other worlds before drifting into dreams about them," said Kate Rumsby from Coram Beanstalk.
Here are the benefits of reading to children, according to Healthline and Mom Junsction:
1. It can improve attention
Children need some level of comprehension when you read them a story and they need to have listening skills.
Experts also suggest engaging your child in bedtime stories so that he or she can be comfortable with his reading habits. When this routine is done every night, it can also help in improving their attention skills.
2. It develops communication
Children develop oral communication skills, listening abilities, memory, and language recognition skills when they read stories on a daily basis. This can help them to have a better vocabulary and different sentence structures.
So the more your read books to them, the more they are exposed to new words.
3. It improves cognitive and language development
"The findings highlight the potential of reading and talking to infants, not just for language and literacy development but also for other aspects of cognitive development," according to a study posted on Sage Journal.
Reading books to your child not only improves cognitive and language development but also improves their skills in problem-solving.
4. It develops creativity
New stories help your children create a new world. When you read them fiction stories, it helps them employ fantasy elements and makes them think outside the box.
According to Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), "Creative experiences can help children express and cope with their feelings. A child's creative activity can help teachers to learn more about what the child may be thinking or feeling."
5. It eases anxiety
Not only adults but also children can have a relaxed mind and body before going to bed when they read books. Story reading is also another way to relieve all anxieties.
6. It teaches them life lessons
Different stories teach different life lessons. It shows various situations and it helps children not feel alone when they are dealing with something new such as going to the dentist, going to school, or moving to a new country.
Once you make reading a habit, your children will also develop it as a routine. And later, they will also like writing. Books provide an excellent opportunity to get talking, tell stories, and connect with your little one.
You may also let your child imitate sounds, recognize pictures, and learn words. (KBAPI)

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