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Girl in India burned alive after rejecting stalker's marriage proposal

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Police officers in India reported that a girl was allegedly killed by a stalker whose marriage proposal was turned down.
According to the Jharkhand's Dumka district police, the girl named Ankita Kumari died after a man set her on fire wherein she sustained burned injuries.
Based on the statement released by the police, the suspect named Shahrukh poured kerosene on Ankita through the window of her room while she was asleep last Tuesday and eventually died in hospital on Sunday.
"The accused Shahrukh has been arrested. We will apply at fast track court for a fast trial. People are cooperating with us. We appeal to people to maintain peace. The situation is under control and Section 144 has been imposed," Dumka Superintendent of police (SP) Ambar Lakda said to ANI.
Meanwhile, Jharkhand Health Minister Banna Gupta said that they will execute strict action to ensure that the perpetrator will be punished.
"The state government is serious regarding the murder of a girl in Dumka. Stringent action will be taken against perpetrators. We will ensure a fast trial. We have talked to DC in this regard," Gupta added. (KBAPI)

Last Modified: 2022-Sep-21 17.17.41 UTC+0800