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Box of reptiles delivered to a wrong address in New York

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Image from: Facebook/Animal Nation
A box of live reptiles was sent to a wrong address in New York, according to police officers. The Port Chester Police Department said in a Facebook post that they responded immediately to the unusual situation reported to them by a resident in New York.
"Needless to say the addressee was quite startled when they opened the box," the post said.
The police said that a box filled with lizards and iguanas was delivered to the wrong house and they secured them immediately, "until a local animal sanctuary can pick them up for safekeeping," it added.
Animal Nation which is a nonprofit organization was the one that took over the reptiles. "There MUST be reform in the breeding, sale, and shipment of live animals!" according to their post.
Meanwhile, the said Animal Nation said asked the public to stop the sale and mail of live animals.

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