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122-year-old chocolate bars in attic sold for more than £500

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Image from Eddisons Auctioneers
People usually stock a bottle of whisky or wine for a long period to get a better taste, but it does not include chocolates, which usually perish for about three years.
But, not in the case of the tin of chocolates found in Immingham, North East Lincolnshire. It proved that even perishable goods can still be sold for a huge amount, despite being made in 1899.
The box of 122-year-old chocolate bars, which were sent to troops fighting in the Boer War, has been discovered in an attic and was sold for more than 500 pounds or 33,000 pesos.
According to local reports, the tin of Rowntree's chocolate was originally made in New York and it was of one the gifts sent by Queen Victoria in 1899 to the soldiers fighting for control of South Africa.
Paul Cooper, of Eddison's auctioneers, said that the tin of chocolates was found in a box of household junk at someone's house in Lincolnshire. The said item was expected to be sold at only 200 pounds, yet a buyer paid up to 519 pounds or 565 dollars with fees included.
"It is incidentally some of the most controversial chocolate ever made, a royal commission that triggered a row involving all of the country's most famous chocolate makers," Cooper said in an interview.
Cooper said: "The Queen had decided to cheer up her troops fighting in the war, which was going rather badly at the time, by personally paying for a seasonal gift tin of chocolate to be sent to every ordinary soldier."
He said that experts told him that the "122- year-old chocolate actually doesn't become hazardous as it ages – it just loses its flavor, texture, and taste."
However, he said that it is not recommended to stock chocolates for a long time, and to consume it due to the health risks that it carries. (KBAPI)

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