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How to know if you are totally over your ex? Check these signs

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Getting over a breakup is really hard and as well as the moving on part. You may be crying for almost a month already and thinking all of the "what ifs" scenarios in your head, it may be difficult at first but always believe that things will get better in time.
But how will you know if you are totally moved on from someone?
Whether you ended a relationship with someone or you came from unrequited love, moving on is a painful process you need to endure.
Here are the following signs that you have totally moved on, according to Hello, love and bustle:
1. You no longer hope to get back together
At first, you may be hoping that someday he or she will come back to you. But as time goes by, you will learn that you are better off without that person. It means you no longer miss him or her.
2. You're comfortable hanging out with your mutual friends
It means that you are not interested to ask any questions about your ex and you are comfortable answering any questions about what happened to your former relationship without being emotional.
3. You begin to enjoy life without them
This time you realize that you don't need someone in order to enjoy life. Enjoy the journey of being single by going to places and doing activities on your own.
4. You take responsibility
In every breakup, both parties may have accountability for it and when you recognize that you also did something wrong, it means that you are responsible enough to admit it. It also shows that you don't only focus on the issues of your ex but you also know how to improve yourself.
5. You start dating without comparing it with your ex
You will not enjoy any of your dates if you keep on comparing them with your ex. Make sure that when you go on a date, you do it because you like it and not because you want to move on from your past relationship.
6. You don't stalk them on their social media
You no longer care about what is happening in their lives. It means you don't waste your time checking out their posts, which could only hurt you more especially if you see them happy in their lives.
If you have moved on already, it means that you no longer care about what is happening in their life.
7. Your mind is clear again
Gone are days that you have difficulty clearing your mind. Once you get back to staying focused and return to your usual old self at work or school, it means you have already moved on.
A licensed counselor and life coach Monte Drenner said, "When you can get back to staying focused on important tasks like work without being consumed by thoughts of your ex, you are moving forward."
8. You totally embrace the singleness
So what if you are still single? Don't let the society dictates on when you should get married and have children.
Enjoy life as a single; enjoy freedom and life without thinking about your ex. Being single does not mean that you are lonely in life, just enjoy every moment you have and hopefully you will find the right person for you when you are ready. (KBAPI)

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