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World's 'dirtiest man' dies at 94 after bathing

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A man in Iran who is dubbed the "dirtiest man in the world" has recently succumbed at the age of 94, according to local reports.
Amou Haji from Dejgah, the southern province of Fars, did not take a bath for almost 70 years and believed that being dirty would help him stay alive for long years.
Iranian news agency IRNA said that Haji's more than half a century of not bathing made his body covered with "soot and pus".
On the other hand, villagers in Degjah persuade Haji to take a bath "for the first time a few months ago", according to IRNA. After taking a bath, Haji became ill and eventually died at the age of 94.

Last Modified: 2022-Nov-16 20.38.25 UTC+0800