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Adapt to global market demands, culture product makers urged

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BAGUIO CITY – An official of the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) said cultural product makers should adapt to market demands for them to be globally competitive.
"Let us be comfortable to adjust our business models to go global," PTTC executive director Nelly Rita Dillera said in her message during the cultural tourism recovery adaptation and economic diversification seminar in a hotel here on Thursday.
Dillera cited the weaving industry where garments require colors specific to a particular province or activity.
"Communities insist on color but the global market requires that products adapt and should be market-driven. In going global, an enterprise is compelled to meet the deadlines and timelines and to meet the quality required by the client and the market," she said.
She added that industries and stakeholders must also adapt to regulations and standards to be able to meet the client's demands, as well as expand exposures and markets.
Dillera said businesses should take advantage of eased restrictions and digital processes to recover from the losses incurred during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.
"We need to have digital transformation, which was making the lessons of the pandemic but adaptation to branding and marketing strategies must be looked into," she said.
She also said industry players should recognize that competition is necessary to motivate adaptation.
"Look for the unmet needs of the market and the preferences of clients, more importantly, our capabilities will be better if we are upskilled," she said. (PNA)

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