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9-year-old boy fears no wisdom tooth extraction, shatters world record

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Image from Guinness World Records
"Age is just a number". This is what a nine-year-old boy from Virginia, U.S. proved after earning the world record title of being the "youngest person to have a wisdom tooth extracted".
Ryan Scarpelli got his wisdom tooth extracted at the exact age of nine years and 327 days, wherein he surpassed the record done by Mather Adams 20 years ago.
"Wisdom teeth are the last molars that usually come through during your late teens or early 20s. Some wisdom teeth can cause dental problems including overcrowding, impaction (wisdom tooth pushes into the gum or another tooth) and cause decay and infection, leading to pain, difficulty chewing and bad breath," according to BetterHealth.
Dr. Kelly Morgan of Morgan Orthodontics, Scarpelli's orthontist, said that he first noticed the wisdom tooth in April 2021, located behind the other two molar teeth in each quadrant of the mouth. (KBAPI)

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