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Marcos lauds top performing LGUs for making positive changes

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MANILA – President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Tuesday commended top-performing local government units (LGUs) for introducing "innovative practices" that have made a positive impact in the lives of their constituents.
"Your pursuit of good governance in your communities is truly commendable and is necessary. Therefore, I encourage you to continue your programs and advocacies so that you may inspire your fellow LGUs to also introduce innovative practices geared towards improving the lives of your constituents," he said during the 2022 Galing Pook Awards held at the Ceremonial Hall of the MalacaƱan Palace.
Marcos emphasized that "innovation" is a key ingredient in solving the common problems of our society.
"Kailangan nag-iisip lagi tayo, ano ba 'yung puwede pang pagandahin? Ano pa 'yung hindi natin ginagawa na baka subukan natin baka gumanda, baka maganda ang resulta (We should always be thinking, what else can we improve? What else have we yet to try to yield better results)?" he added.
He likewise said he was "deeply encouraged" by the effective leadership among the LGUs.
"We do not mean to cast aspersions on national government officials. But I have always said, some of the best talent in government that I have seen is in the local – is in the local level," he said.
Marcos said LGUs did a "sterling job" in their active response and prompt delivery of services in the onset of the pandemic.
"First of all, to take care of our people noong wala pa tayong bakuna (when we did not have vaccines yet). And then when we had the vaccines, to roll them out properly para maiabot (to distribute), to categorize who are the high risk na unahin 'yung matatanda, with comorbidities, et cetera, et cetera, down the line (to ensure the elderly, people with comorbidities, et cetera, etcetera go first). LGUs did that," he said.
He also thanked them for ensuring the public that they are in safe hands despite the health crisis and other succeeding challenges.
"Without you, we would not have known the real situation and the needs of those at the grassroots level," he added.
'Consistent and persevering'
Marcos expressed hope that LGUs would continue giving their best as the country moves towards the new normal.
"As we move forward, let this occasion remind us that it is the track record that speaks for performance. It also reflects why our constituents continue to choose you as their leaders," he said.
"May you, therefore, remain consistent and persevering in your endeavors so that you may reach even greater heights," he added.
He said he is optimistic that their pursuit of "inclusive, sustainable, and participative" governance would also inspire Filipinos to also cooperate in his administration's unification efforts.
"Together, let us build a country where efficient, competent, and effective leadership is the hallmark of Philippine governance," he said.
Marcos assured that his administration will support our LGUs, citing their "significant" role in the national government's nation-building initiatives.
He also lauded the Galing Pook Foundation for promoting excellence and innovations in local governance by recognizing and incentivizing the top-performing LGUs.
"The recognition that you give to cities and municipalities inspires them to accelerate their drive towards improvement and it encourages LGUs to adopt practices that make us paragons of excellence in public service," he said.
The Galing Pook Foundation is the leading resource institution that provides support, tools, and resources to LGUs to enable them in building adaptive solutions to challenges in their respective communities.
Through its programs, local chief executives and their units can enhance their knowledge and exchange best practices in fostering development in their localities.
Launched on Oct. 21, 1993, the Galing Pook Awards serve as a pioneering program in recognizing innovative practices by the LGUs.
Through a multilevel screening process, local governance programs are evaluated based on positive results and impact, promotion of people empowerment and participation, innovation, transferability and sustainability, and efficiency of program service delivery. (PNA)

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