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Reasons why you feel emotional lately

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As a human, it is normal for us to feel different emotions. We all sometimes feel sad, happy, low, or elated, and it is valid. Feeling such emotions doesn't make you weak.
Our emotions "motivate us to act" said Emma Carpenter, M.A., a marriage and family therapist at A Better Life Therapy. She said that emotions help to motivate and connect to one another and ourselves, according to mindbodygreen.
But, still wondering why are you extra emotional today? Here are the reasons why according to Healthline:
1. Stress
If you feel burnt out for a long period, you will likely feel emotional. A study posted in OA Text showed that stress could increase negative feelings, such as depression and rage.
2. Lack of physical activity
Regular workouts will not only benefit your physical health but can also improve your mood and emotions.
3. Genetics
Genetically, some people are more sensitive than others. Research posted in MedlinePlus, showed that "20 to 60 percent of temperament is determined by genetics. Temperament, however, does not have a clear pattern of inheritance and there are no specific genes that confer specific temperamental traits."
4. An unhealthy diet
Everything you consume does not only affect your body but can also improve your well-being and mental health.
5. Lack of sleep
Not enough sleep can affect your mood. According to Healthline, sleep deprivation affects your thinking skills, weakens your immune system, and risks you of developing anxiety and depression.
6. Hormones
Hormonal imbalances have physical and psychological effects on the body. This can lead you to feel changes in your emotions.
These are some of the healthy ways to manage your emotions, according to mindbodygreen:
• Accept and name your emotions
• Know the reason behind what you are currently feeling
• Try to sleep at least seven to eight hours per night
• Exercise at least 20 to 30 minutes a day
• Eat a healthy and balanced diet
When emotions already affect your day-to-day tasks, it is important to take a step to solve it. You may seek help from a therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist. (KBAPI)

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