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Rare genital-less cat found in UK charity

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Image from Cats Protection
An animal charity in the United Kingdom (UK) recently shared that they have adopted a 15-week-old kitten who is neither male nor female.
According to the Cats Protection center in Gateshead, they discovered that the tabby-and-white kitten Hope has no internal or external sex organs after conducting examinations.
At first, Hope was originally thought to be a female cat. However, after being brought to the care of Cats Protection's rescue center, the vets found no external sex organs.
"We carried out a procedure to look for sex organs but there's nothing apparent inside or out. There's an outside possibility of some ectopic ovarian tissue hiding away internally but we think this is extremely unlikely," said Cats Protection's senior field veterinary officer Fiona Brockbank in a statement posted in IFLScience.
"This is so rare that there isn't really a commonly used term for this condition," Brockbank added.
Meanwhile, the care center assured that they will closely observe Hope to guarantee that the cat will grow normally and can pee and poop without any problems before approving its adoption. The charity added the 15-week-old pet was healthy and ready to be rehomed. (KBAPI)

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