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Baby girl in Mexico born with 'extremely rare' two-inch long true tail

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Image from ScienceDirect
A baby girl in Mexico was born with a 'true tail', a type of condition that according to the doctors is very rare.
The parents of the baby were both healthy and are in their late twenties, and the baby was born via C-section in Nueva Leon, Mexico.
Based on the case study published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery, the tail which is 5.7 centimeters long was "soft", "covered in skin and fine hair" and had a pointy tip removed surgically. The diameter is reported to be three to five millimeters.
Despite the uncommon instance, the baby girl was born healthy and on full-term, while the minor operation was done when she was just two months old.
Dr. Josue Rueda, one of the doctors who performed the surgery, said that the case was the first recorded in Mexico.
"The structure was soft, covered in skin, and fine hair, it could be passively moved with no pain but showed no spontaneous movement. The baby cried when the structure was pinched with a needle," the doctors said.
Moreover, the doctors also said that the rare case has been recorded less than 200 times, wherein it usually occurs in boys. (KBAPI)

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