Kalinga gains two Guinness world records

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Image from PIA
Kalinga officially had the right to brag about itself as record holders of the "largest gong ensemble" and "largest pot dance", Guinness declared on Wednesday, February 15.
Shortly after the presentation of "Awong chi Gangsa, Ad'tun chi Banga"(Call of a Thousand Gongs, Dance of a Thousand Pots), Guinness official adjudicator Kazuyoshi Kirimura announced that Kalinga had achieved world records.
The Awong chi Gangsa, Ad'tun chi Banga is the centerpiece of the 28th Kalinga Foundation Anniversary and 4th Bodong Festival.
Per the official adjudication results, there were 3,440 gong players, while "banga" (pot) dancers reached 4,681.
The counting procedure required each gong player and pot dancer to pass through a scanner, with every entry recorded online at the entrance.
Adjudication witnesses panel members include Atanacio Addog of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples -Cordillera, Stanley Anongos of Benguet State University, and Allen Marquez and Kenneth Maslang of St. Mary's University.
Governor James Edduba led the people of Kalinga in celebrating the honor and pride the Guinness feats brought.
Meanwhile, the event committee chairman, Bishop Prudencio Andaya Jr., expressed his gratitude to Kalinga's local government units (LGUs) for their support and participation in the said event.

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