45-year-old man spends $2 million yearly to look young forever

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Image from: Bryan Johnson (Instagram)
A 45-year-old Tech mogul in the U.S. recently shared that he spends around $2 million yearly to undergo bio-hack to keep himself young forever.
According to New York Post, Bryan Johnson is in coordination with Oliver Zolman, a specialist in regenerative medicine who heads the medical team.
Johnson became famous after he sold his payment processing company Braintree Payment to Paypal for $800 million.
He is aiming to have "a heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the lung capacity and fitness of an 18-year-old." He said that he aims to make his major organs such as the brain, liver, kidneys, teeth, skin, hair, penis, and rectum more younger.
Zolman said that Jonhnson needs to undergo several vital indicators to make his journey to looking younger more effective.
Meanwhile, Johnson also shared that under the Project Blueprint, he will be required to undergo a strict vegan diet amounting to 1,977 calories per day and regular exercise for one hour daily.
He added that in order to keep his goal more effective, he is required to wake up at 5 am daily, takes two dozens of supplements, and drinks green juice with creatine and collagen peptides.
At night, Johnson needs to wear a machine that tallies the amount of nighttime erections. He added that he is very aware that his methods could come across as "biotech-infused snake oil" wherein for some people it could be weird, but he doesn't mind.
"What I do may sound extreme, but I'm trying to prove that self-harm and decay are not inevitable," Johnson said to Bloomberg News. (KBAPI)

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