Woman in Canada accidentally lodged a car key in her face

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Image from: Renée Lariviere
A 24-year-old woman in Canada accidentally pierced her face with a set of car keys after a friend threw them at her.
According to Renée Lariviere, she was about to leave her place to go to dinner in the city of Sudbury in northern Canada when one of her friends tossed her the car keys so that they could go to McDonald's. However, a freak accident happens after the keys impaled her face.
Several photos were posted in social media, wherein it showed some X-ray results wherein the metal of the key left an inch-and-a-half deep into her nasal cavity.
Lariviere shared that she did not feel the pain at that time due to her adrenaline rush. "I felt a pressure, but I felt like I just got hit [with the keys] in the face like I missed my catch," she said to Kennedy News and Media.
She said that she even walked to the bathroom to check what happened to her face. "I was scared. My concern was my eye, I couldn't care less about a scar. Scars, if you take care of them properly, will go away. That wasn't my concern. My concern was, 'Am I going to be able to see?'" she added.
Her friends immediately requested for emergency services and an ambulance came within a few minutes. After arriving at the hospital, she got a CT scan, and a plastic surgeon removed the key and stitches her face.
"The doctors there were amazed. There were doctors coming from different departments to see because they couldn't believe it," said Lariviere. "I had one of them come and ask to take pictures so he could show his students. He was an emergency room doctor, so he was trying to show [them] that anything could happen," she said to an interview.
Lariviere said that despite of the accident, she is still grateful because the wound finally healed. Fortunately, she has no scar and now she is fully recovered.
"Looking at it now, I'd think there's no way that could even happen," said Lariviere, who shared the freak accident on her TikTok in order to inform the viewers that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. "We're so busy living our day-to-day life, and we don't realize how many things could happen each day and how much they could hurt us." (KBAPI)

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