Kalinga continues to draw more tourists as restrictions loosen

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Image from PNA
Local records showed that tourism in Kalinga has continuously gained traction as strict COVID-19 measures loosened.
Tabuk City Tourism Office recorded 78,191 visitors in 2022 based on the records of famous hotels, inns, and resorts in Kalinga's capital.
Out of this number, 77,739 are domestic tourists, while 452 are foreigners.
December 2022 had the highest number of tourists, with 10,075 visitors, including 96 from foreign countries.
Tourists flocked Tabuk City last February during the 28th Kalinga Founding Anniversary and 4th Bodong Festival.
The festivities earned Kalinga two Guinness World Records, specifically the largest gong ensemble with 3,340 male gong beaters and the largest pot dance with 4,681 female dancers.
Tabuk City Mayor Darwin EstraƱero said that tourism was crucial to the recovery of Tabuk City, which serves as a drop point for tourists who will visit different parts of the province.
EstraƱero added that it would also open opportunities for revenue generation of tourism investors, such as accommodations, resorts, and other tourist sites in the city. (Gilda Cortel Chico/Radyo Natin Tabuk City, Kalinga)

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