'Tribal war' in Kalinga leaves one dead, one injured

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Tinglayan, Kalinga (Image from Wikimedia Commons)
A suspected conflict between two Kalinga tribes left casualties in Barangay Bugnay at Tinglayan municipality in the said province last March 14.
Around 3 pm last Tuesday, assailants shot farmers and residents of the said barangay Richard Sagwil, 40 years old, and Edward Alunday, 47 years old, Kalinga Police Provincial Office Public Information Officer PCPT Ruff Manganip reported.
Sagwil was dead on the spot after getting hit in the left eye, while Alunday luckily survived as he was shot in the stomach.
In their investigation, Tingalayan police learned that the two were going to farmlands when unidentified suspects fired on them.
The police alleged that the long-standing rift between Mountain Province's Betwagan tribe and Tinglayan's Butbut is the cause of the shooting incident.
Sagwil's remain was now in his residence in Bugnay while Alunday was treating his wound in the hospital.
Further inquiries about the incident are ongoing, with authorities hoping for a resolution between the two conflicting tribes. (Janette Babanto Alagao/Radyo Natin Tabuk City, Kalinga)

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