Seven signs that you have matured

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Sometimes the age of a person does not define his or her maturity because people will go through different situations before they realized that they have already matured.
Maturity means "the quality of behaving mentally and emotionally like an adult," according to Cambridge Dictionary.
Here are the clear signs of a matured person, according to Medium and LifeHack:
1. You do not run away from your responsibilities
We all have different characters in life; some of us need to fulfill our duties as a mother, daughter, son, wife, etc. No matter how many responsibilities you need to achieve, you can manage and you don't shy away from it.
2. You practice self-love
As they say, "you can't pour from an empty cup" before you take care of the people around you must also know how to practice self-love. Yes, self-care or self-love is very essential. This self-love will also teach you to acknowledge that there are still some things you need to improve without feeling bad about it.
3. You listen more and talk less
A mature person does not eavesdrop because you have learned that it is better to speak less and listen more. This time you have also learned that it is better if you mind your own business than talk things about other people.
4. You enjoy every season in your life
Life is not always happy and you know that. You are no longer affected when the sad or annoying season is happening in your life because you know that is just temporary and you will learn something from it. So if you are enjoying changes in season, however abrupt they might seem, you have grown into a mature individual.
If you know how to enjoy life whether you are experiencing difficulties or happiness, then you have matured already.
5. You keep a mind open to everything
We all have different beliefs in life and sometimes keeping a mind open can help you to be a mature person. There is nothing wrong in learning new things as long as it can help you to be a better version of yourself. So keep on learning.
6. You save more than what you expend
This time you know how to practice discipline in handling your finances. You no longer spend on things that are unnecessary and you know how to save extra for your future.
7. You follow your dreams
No matter how hard and complicated things are, you still do your best to achieve your goals. Things can be disappointing sometimes, but here you are still striving to achieve your dreams.
Also, mature people do not seek validation from others. You don't mind what other people think of you as long as you know that you are not hurting anyone.
And if you are reading this article, it means somehow you are trying your best to check if you have improved or matured. Just take it one step at a time and believe that you can do it. (KBAPI)

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