Driver's license suspension eyed for disrespecting traffic enforcers

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HEFTY FINES. Motorists illegally driving through the EDSA bus lane in Mandaluyong City get a traffic violation ticket from personnel of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Monday (Nov. 13, 2023), the start of the imposition of higher fines for violators. MMDA acting chair Romando Artes and Land Transportation Office chief Assistant Secretary Vigor Mendoza II were on site to oversee its implementation. PHOTO: Joey O. Razon/Philippine News Agency
MANILA – Motorists who evade traffic enforcers when flagged down for violations, especially for the illegal use of the exclusive EDSA bus lane, could face suspension of their driver's license, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) warned Monday.
LTO chief Assistant Secretary Vigor Mendoza II said the agency has been receiving reports of motorists misbehaving on the road, especially motorcycle riders who would speed off to avoid being caught.
"Our driver's license is a privilege given by the government. It comes with responsibility and obligation that includes respecting traffic laws to ensure road safety, and respecting the people who enforce them," Mendoza said.
The LTO has the power to either suspend or revoke the driver's license of motorists who would blatantly violate traffic laws.
"Hindi ito katanggap-tanggap, ito ay maliwanag na pambabastos sa batas at sa mga uniformed traffic enforcers na nagpapatupad ng mga batas upang maging maayos ang daloy ng trapiko at maging ligtas ang lahat ng lansangan para sa lahat (This is unacceptable. This is a clear disrespect of the law and uniformed traffic enforcers who are doing their job to ensure smooth traffic flow)," Mendoza said.
Mendoza, along with Metropolitan Manila Development Authority acting chair Don Artes, oversaw the first day of implementation of higher fines for the illegal use of the EDSA bus lane.
Artes, in the same interview, said EDSA bus lane violators would be reported to the LTO and vehicle owners would be penalized.
"For violators who run away from traffic enforcers to avoid apprehension, if you think that you were able to get away with it, your plate numbers will be recorded and reported to the LTO. You will automatically receive a penalty for a third offense: P20,000 plus a one-year suspension of your driver's license," Artes said.
Under MMDA Regulation No. 23-002, the new fines and penalties will be P5,000 for the first offense and a second offense will result in a P10,000 fine, one-month suspension of driver's license and participation in a road safety seminar.
Repeating the violation for a third time will also result in a P20,000 fine plus one-year suspension of driver's license, while a fourth offense will be a P30,000 fine plus a recommendation to the LTO for revocation of driver's license.
The fines will apply to both public and private vehicles that are not authorized to use the bus lane.
Exempted from the exclusive bus lane policy are EDSA Carousel passenger buses, emergency vehicles and government-marked vehicles responding to emergencies.
During the Monday morning operations, a total of 333 four-wheel vehicles and motorcycles in different locations along EDSA were apprehended.
Mendoza and Artes are eyeing to expand the coverage of LTO's action on motorists to include those who would disrespect traffic enforcers in any part of Metro Manila, aside from the EDSA bus lane. (PNA)

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