10 signs that you have not moved on from your ex

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Whether it's been a month, year, or days, sometimes moving from a past relationship could take a lot of time and there is no specific period that could determine that you have already moved on.
Since it takes time and a lot of courage to move on, sometimes it is challenging to admit to ourselves that we are not yet healed and moved on.
To help you conclude, here are the signs that you are not over your ex, according to Thought Catalog and relationship hero:
1. You still check his or her social media apps
If you still have your ex on your social media and have no plans to delete or block them, then you most likely have not moved on yet. If you are serious about moving on, one of the first things you must do is to houseclean your social media, to help your sanity.
2. He or she is the first person you call or text when something happens
You have to unlearn on being so close to your ex-partner. It might take a lot of practice, but you have to learn not to automatically contact them when big things happen such as a work promotion or buying a new property.
3. You keep on comparing your new dates to your ex
If you still remember your ex every time you date a new guy or girl, then you must take a break from dating because you have not moved on yet. Don't waste your time and don't break someone's heart if you are not yet ready to date.
4. You are not yet ready to ditch their photos and gifts
If you cannot throw away any memorabilia of your ex then you are still living from the past. You must learn to box up anything that reminds you of your ex, this can help you to move on slowly and remember that you don't need any reminders of your ex.
5. You keep looking for a rebound
Always remember that you don't need someone or a rebound to get over your ex. Don't use anyone to fill the void that your ex has left, if you see yourself rushing to find someone to be with, then it's a big sign that you should stay single for a while.
6. You are still hoping that things will "work" sooner or later
While it's okay to practice this attitude, "I don't know what the future holds, we'll see if things work out," it can hold you from the chance to pursue new opportunities. You always need to live in the moment and explore other options and don't let anything prevent you from pursuing dreams for yourself.
7. You get affected when someone brings them up
Most likely your ex has still a sore spot for you if you react negatively when you hear something about your ex. And it would be better if everyone stopped talking about them.
8. You avoid areas where your ex usually go
Another sign you have not moved on from your ex is avoiding certain places because you might run into your ex. This is normal if the breakup is still fresh and was traumatic however, doing this for a long period can affect your way of life.
9. You bring your ex on a conversation a lot
You keep mentioning your ex in every topic of a conversation with a friend or co-worker.
10. You are avoiding the chance of having a new relationship
Of course, you have to give yourself time to heal and move on after a breakup. While moving on takes time, you still need to get back out into the dating world so that you will avoid being stuck in the same place for a long time.
To move on totally, you must also get the closure you need to avoid getting stuck. It can help you to resolve issues that you need to be a better person. (KBAPI)

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