Theater enthusiasts shouldn't miss Ballet Manila 2024! Here is why!

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PHOTO: Rodolfo Dacleson II/MBC Media Group
A glimpse of what the audience can expect in the upcoming 26th performance season of Ballet Manila took center stage in Aliw Theater at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) in Pasay City on Wednesday, January 31.
In the media launch of the company's 2024 performance arts show billed as Ballet Masterpieces, Ballet Manila artistic director and chief executive officer Lisa Macuja-Elizalde described the opening salvo as an 'a showcase of technical and virtuosic feats'.
"I think calling our 2024 performance season Ballet Masterpieces is spot on because of the ballets that are featured. Le Corsaire and Giselle are both full-length classical ballet masterpieces, while Tatlong Kwento ni Lola Basyang will feature three stories in one show. I love how our season will have two major classics!" she shared.
Featuring excerpts of two classical ballet productions and enchanting, timeless Filipino literary classics, the program brought excitement and anticipation of the promise each full-blown show will offer to the theatergoers.
The day filled with classical music and dance choreography began with Macuja-Elizalde's own choreography of Le Corsaire (The Pirate).
The world-renowned prima ballerina shared it was her dream to recreate Le Corsaire herself.
"I have always wanted to re-work Le Corsaire. When I was dancing the role of Medora, I found her character to be a damsel in distress waiting for Conrad to save her; getting captured twice. I wanted to change the order of the main dances in Le Corsaire as well, because I always felt that there should be a build-up to the main dances." she said.
In partnership with Anvil Publishing, Ballet Manila brought to life the well-loved Filipino tales originally written by Severino Reyes and retold by multi-awarded children's book writer Christine Bellen Ang – the Tatlong Kwento ni Lola Basyang. Prinsipe ng mga Ibon, Kapatid ng Tatlong Maria, and Mahiwagang Biyulin comprised the said theatrical spectacle.
The creative initiative behind this production roots to the goal of keeping Reyes' legacy alive, as well as instilling pride among local theatergoers.
"We hope it reaches and inspires more people to appreciate and support different forms of local art and culture. An original Filipino story performed through dance is something that the Philippines can be proud of," Anvil Publishing President Xandra Ramos Padilla. "The whimsical illustrations in the picture books transport you to magical worlds – a visual spectacle successfully translated onstage by Ballet Manila."
Creating more buzz is the addition of Mitch Valdez, who will play the role of Lola Basyang. Working in the local and entertainment scene for more than five decades, Valdez said the audiences must prepare to see a witty and humorous Lola Basyang.
"I will ask Lisa if Lola Basyang can get up from her rocking chair for some choreography. Maybe up on pointe for five seconds!"
Closing the season was the ethereal, romantic, and tragic ballet Giselle.
Performances will be staged in Aliw Theater. For tickets, visit Interested individuals can also buy here directly:
PHOTO: Rodolfo Dacleson II/MBC Media Group

Dates to remember

Interested theatergoers should mark the following dates in their respective calendars to never miss the chance to watch the shows live on stage:
  • Le Corsaire – February 24 (8 PM) | February 25 (5 PM)
  • Tatlong Kwento ni Lola Basyang – May 11 (8 PM) | May 12 & 18 (5 PM)
  • Giselle – August 31 (8 PM) | September 1 (5 PM)
PHOTO: Rodolfo Dacleson II/MBC Media Group

Other shows to watch

Aside from the three productions above, Ballet Manila will also offer the following spectacles:

Gerardo Francisco Jr. & Martin Lawrance's Florante at Laura

DESCRIPTION: Cutting-edge ballet version of this still relevant and timely story about love, heroism, and patriotism
DATES: October 12 (8 PM) | October 13 & 19 (5 PM)

Gerardo Francisco's Ibong Adarna

DESCRIPTION: A Ballet Manila original choreographic gem that celebrates love of family and loyalty
DATES: November 2024

Liza Macuja-Elizalde's Snow White

DESCRIPTION: Magic and enchantment presented in graceful, exquisite movements as choreographed by the Philippines' most beloved prima ballerina.
DATES: December 25-30 (4 PM)

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