Brazilian hit by bullet in the head, still parties for 4 days in a row

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PHOTO: Jam Press and Instagram
An unsuspecting man in Brazil didn't realize a bullet lodged in his head, thinking it was just a stone, and went to party for four days straight.
Mateus Facio, 21 years old, was partying with his friends on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during a New Year's Eve celebration when he felt something hit his head. Facio did not pay attention, believing he was just hit accidentally by some objects, as the wound stopped bleeding after a few moments.
"I thought it was a bad joke. Like someone had picked up and thrown a stone. Because I didn't hear anything. If I'd heard a noise, I might have suspected something. But I didn't hear anything, everything seemed perfectly normal," Facio said.
After four days, Facio realized that something was wrong with him. He noticed he couldn't move his fingers and arms normally while driving on the way home.
Facial sought out medical attention, where he learned his head had been struck by a nine-millimeter bullet.
"The bullet was compressing the brain in an area close to the region responsible for the movement of the right arm, causing irritation," neurosurgeon Flávio Falcometa told.
To avoid the risk of "bleeding, leakage of cerebral fluid, meningitis, and even death", Facio underwent surgery to remove the bullet, which was successfully done in two hours.
The bullet recovered from Facio's brain was handed over to the police for investigation.

Last Modified: 2024-Feb-05 18.00.00 UTC+0800