7 signs you need a major change in your life

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They say we are capable of change and growth. Whether it is a major or small change, if we are determined, nothing can hinder us from being successful.
Change might be scary at first but starting in small steps can lead you to achieving your big dreams. All you need is to change your mindset and accept that there will be difficult times in doing it but take courage because you can succeed.
But how will you know if you are ready for a change?
Here are the following signs that show you need a major transition in your life, according to Life hack and Thought Catalog:

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1. You are just surviving and not living
Do you keep on making the same mistakes every day like going back to your ex every after a breakup or spending your days doing same tasks or activities over and over again?
Do you feel like dying on the inside and just barely surviving?
If your answer is yes, then you are ready or in need of a major change in your life.
2. You are losing your motivation
Take time to stop and reevaluate whether you still want the same things in your life. This is important especially if you suddenly lose the drive that you once had because your motivation will help you succeed professionally and personally.
Know that it is okay to feel unmotivated sometimes; we all experience that at some point. You just need to find out what you still want and, what are the things that you need to let go to be motivated again.
3. You feel that something is wrong
Do you suddenly stop and wonder if you can still see your partner as husband or wife material?
Another sign is you are starting to hate or get bored with your job and you feel like something is wrong with your life.
4. You are unhappy almost every day
It is normal to feel sad or upset sometimes. But if you feel unhappy regularly without even knowing the reason why, then it's a big sign.
While it is very selfless to think of the happiness of the people around you, you must also know that your main priority is your mental health.
Don't let yourself be drained while taking care of the people you love, remember that if you are unhappy, then you cannot make other people happy too.
So if you are sad for a long period, then you are ready for a change.

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5. You are starting to feel bored
You are waking up every day feeling bored and losing all the drive to do something new. Or maybe you are starting to feel stagnant in your job or personal life.
Maybe, it's time to stop and check with yourself, are you just bored? Or do you want to do something new?
It's time to create new habits and routines, it could be tough at first but this will help us leave a bad situation.
6. You want to be happier
If you starting to feel that your job, relationship or family is bringing you down, then it are time to make a major change in your life.
You have to take a risk, remember that you only have one life to like, so make the most out of it, and be as happy as possible because you deserve it.
7. You need stimulation in your life
We all need stimulation in our daily lives so that if we feel scared or stressed at times, we all have something to hold on to.
If you suddenly lose the stimulation or inspiration in life, then maybe it's time to make some changes.
Maybe what makes you excited before might not be the same in the present anymore.
Take note that change can be hard but staying in a bad situation for a long period will not make you a better person. So take a leap of faith and achieve the life you deserve. (KBAPI)

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