House leaders slam 'misleading' survey showing 88% oppose 'Cha-cha'

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MANILA – House leaders on Sunday criticized Pulse Asia's recent survey showing that 88 percent of Filipinos believe that the 1987 Constitution should not be amended now or any other time.
House Majority Leader Manuel Jose Dalipe, Deputy Speaker David Suarez and Deputy Majority Leader Janette Garin said the survey could be a black propaganda to undermine efforts to remove the constitution's restrictive economic provisions.
Dalipe of Zamboanga City's 2nd District said questions about term extension for national and local elective officials, change of the presidential system to a parliamentary system of government, and shift from bicameral to a unicameral legislature were "irrelevant" since these are not part of Charter change (Cha-cha) efforts.
"Why include questions that people don't want and are not related to the ongoing process in Congress? Is this black propaganda?" he said in a news release over the weekend.
The Pulse Asia survey conducted March 6 to 10 showed 88 percent of the 1,200 adult respondents are against amending the 1987 constitution while only 8 percent favor amendments.
Of the 88 percent, 74 percent opposed changes this year or any other time; 14 percent said the constitution may be amended some other time; and 4 percent responded "they don't know" if the constitution should be "amended or not amended at this time."
The opposition against charter change is highest in Mindanao (91 percent) and in income class E (93 percent), which is the lowest.
The survey results were released a week after the House of Representatives approved on final reading Resolution of Both Houses No. 7 (RBH 7), which aims to amend specific economic constitutional provisions related to public utilities, education, and advertising.
RBH 7 has been sent to the Senate, which is tackling a similar resolution known as RBH 6.
Another data research firm, Tangere, also conducted a survey that showed that 52 percent of Filipinos support Cha-cha.
Speaker Martin Romualdez said in a news release on March 24 that the Tangere survey result "indicates a pivotal shift in public sentiment, revealing a growing acceptance and willingness among our citizens to consider the merits of constitutional reform."
Suarez of Quezon's 2nd District said the Pulse Asia survey wants to derail the constitutional reform process.
"Including unrelated questions in the survey only serves to confuse and mislead the public," Suarez said, calling for a more objective approach in future surveys.
Garin of Iloilo's 1st District expressed disappointment with the survey's attempt to sway public opinion.
"Surveys should reflect the real concerns of the people, not push a particular agenda," the lady lawmaker from Iloilo said.
Dalipe said "the best way to gauge public opinion on Cha-cha is through a plebiscite, not surveys."
Similarly, the best course of action is to pass it in the Senate and let the people decide through a plebiscite, Suarez said. (PNA)

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